Paper Electronic Toys

Meet the Denkigami: paper animals, made to teach kids the basics of electronics in a playful way.

They’re coming in a ready to use set including simple electronic components. They can be assembled without soldering or use of glue!

They’re inspired by animal’s actual abilities to produce or sense electricity.

Meet our three perky characters

Denkigami are dedicated to all the kids, regardless their technical knowledge. The distinctive aesthetics and fun narratives engage children with different interests, avoiding cliche gender or age division.

Who we are:

We’re independent interdisciplinary studio based in Berlin. We specialise in educational project. Thought workshops and exhibitions we create unique experiences.
We believe that fun and inclusive formats should be the key element in teaching.


What we do:

We provide workshops to teach in a playful and accessible way about electronics
We produce customised and limiteded editions as well as exhibition set-ups.
We are currently developing building kits. Soon you can order it for a gift or simply to try it out yourself!